new painting on the table


She cascades from table to bench in my living room on a cloudy day.

I’ve been wanting to paint a large scale piece for a while now. Around two weeks ago I finally started one. I didn’t get it stretched because a. I don’t have much space to work upright on anything of that scale and b. I honestly thought it wouldn’t be the great challenge it’s proven to be. But here it is so far.

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Shooting hazards. After taking one of these higher perspective photos I fell off my ladder. It could’ve been really bad but it wasn’t. And there was no one around to see it and feel bad for me. Or laugh.


I love these little surprises. I wonder how this happened. Poor pin.


And I don’t know how this happened either. It’s my magic wand paintbrush.


I had to include one of my new polyhedrons. I just received this Tuttle kimono-inspired origami paper.


Layer over layer over layer. Her skirt has progressed greatly from this but I’ll include that in my next post.


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