my nuqat talk } the youtube video and what lead up to it

nuqat 18
this was the original drawing i’d created for my nuqat talk, but after looking at the stage layout and speaking with pad 10’s naji moujaes about logistics, i had to scrap this drawing and create a new one
mirrors 50 copy
my second and final nuqat drawing, just another example of how my everyday life affects my work

Here is the YouTube video of my talk.

Below is a collection of photos I want to share with you. It’s a gallery of pictures I took leading up to my talk on Thursday, November 12. I wanted to thank all nineteen of my Eves: Phoebe Salem, Nada Dalloul, Nida Saif, Viviana Peiretti-Smith, Dalal and Latifa Khadada, Dalal and Fatima Abdul-Salam, Yasmine Alkandari, Xeina Almusallam (and her arms of steel), Zainab Abu-Ghazaleh, Hiyam Xixi Abu-Ghazaleh, Sarah Alkandari, Georgia Canavan, Amara Abdal Figueroa, Lubna Saif Abbas, Ghadeer Aly, Jana Alnaqeeb and Farah Khaja. I’d also like to thank my cousin Lulu Alkandari for helping out whenever she could, Maha Alessa for being the prop Eve and my son Yousef for being the cue-man.

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