chris johns comes to town

chris and reem in lidia al-qattan's 'house of mirrors'

chris and reem in lidia al-qattan’s ‘house of mirrors’

how happy you made my home

how happy you made my home

Yogi master guru wallah (just don’t know what to call him!) Chris Johns has come and gone. I love receiving friends in Kuwait. They tend to land like hurricanes and leave a trail of good memories in their wake. It’s so bittersweet, and I always look forward to more [desirable] visitors. Because I was busy enjoying my time with Chris and Reem, I neglected my blog and am so behind. Once you go through the photos you’ll understand why.

Before the Living Yoga event my dear friend Reem Algharabali organized at Masaha 13 in Shuwaikh, we had to do a bit of social media promoting. And of course these sorts of things are always a big production in my home.

And the night finally comes. For months Reem and Chris had been planning tirelessly for this night. It’s always surreal when these events come to fruition. Exciting and fun too.

On Sunday, after I frantically cleaned up my home, I met up with Chris and Reem for a visit to Lidia Al-Qatan’s House of Mirrors. Later we visited the newly opened Al-Shaheed Park and ended the night with some Me

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