and finally, fernanda and z

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The one on the left is Fernanda (thank you, Lubna) and the one on the right is Z. Z isn’t short for anything. It’s just Z.

feranda and z

feranda and z

Music is Trigga Hiccups by Menomena.

2 Comments on “and finally, fernanda and z”

  1. These characters have popped up in new narratives of my imagination, now this idea of them walking off the screen and becoming 3 D is more and more appealing. The clothes are amazing… I would wear these ensembles in a hearbeat, however- I would have to be tall, lanky and lithe as your femme fatales ….

    • Oh Lubna! I’d like to be tall, lithe and lanky like them too. I don’t know who does their hair or where they get their clothes from but they inspire me as much as my friends do. So thank you for your input with these. It was fun!

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