a nightly session of MOSOT (modular origami stellated octahedron therapy)

i just made this and now i'm happy

i just made this and now i’m happy

I was having a bit of a blah day, what with certain physical discomforts, a sudden sandstorm and a general feeling of ennui. Until I had a brain pop. Out of the blue I thought about origami and how therapeutic it is if done satisfactorily. And after much web-surfing for clear instructions, a few moments of utter frustration and ultimately deciding to figure it out myself, I made this colorful polyhedron. Look, Mom! I can fold!

Then I went for the jugular: a modular polyhedron, using twelve pieces (sonobes). Apparently this structure is ‘easy’. It would have been, if the best website I found continued its instructions beyond a few steps into the how-to process. The most challenging part was connecting the whole thing to create a 3D structure. I had to wing it towards the end. But I did it, and when I was done I was in a fantastic mood! And now I have a useless-albeit pretty-object on my desk.

Let me know what you think

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