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girls, don't get stuck

girls, don’t get stuck

Christmas time is upon us, it’s snowing on prettygreenbullet and I’m in the mood for a bit of shopping. As much as I’ve always appreciated hand-crafted items, my last trip to London, specifically the Contemporary Crafts & Design Fair in Chelsea, intensified my desire for all things handmade with passion and love. So in the spirit of Christmas shopping-and with the help of Eve-I’m going to dedicate a few posts over the coming weeks to my very gifted friends.

I’ve known Caitley Symons (she’ll always be Cathy to me) of Caitley Symons Textile & Design since 1986, back when we were both sophomores in Mrs. Seaton’s Graphic Design class at Cairo American College. We hit it off over our love for Duran Duran and hanging out at the Khan Al-Khalili bazaar. A typical weekend together would be visiting the old souq on a Friday: pushing against the tide of post-Friday prayer believers, haggling with shopkeepers over silver jewelry, buying yet another pair of leather sandals, imagining we saw Sting in a sheesha cafe, and taking pictures. Always taking pictures. And I can’t help seeing this history in Cathy’s printed fabrics. 

A few weeks ago two Eves arrived at Cathy’s Asheville, North Carolina home. I have named them the Mountain Eves. Join them here as they roll in yardage, frolic in fabric and just be…Eves.

choosing color


happily stuck

happily stuck

caught in color

caught in color

swatch and learn

swatch and learn

mountain eves get lost in floral prints

mountain eves get lost in floral prints

snippity snip! strawberry pushpins won't save you from the shears!

snippity snip! strawberry pushpins won’t save you from the shears!

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their favorite: in the garden with gingersnaps and mashrabiya-inspired tea napkins

their favorite: in the garden with gingersnaps, strawberries and mashrabiya-inspired tea napkins

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