secretary } opening night photos by reem algharabali

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Last night has finally come and sadly gone. I had been anticipating it since May, and for the last six months I have been working obsessively, compulsively, tirelessly to reach Secretary status. It was torturous creating drawings I was excited about without posting on either Instagram or here. It was important to keep my project under wraps because I wanted there to be an element of surprise. Simultaneously, I was working on ‘red herring’ drawings and paintings to throw people off the scent. It was exhausting. And now it’s time to share. Finally!

As with all my previous exhibitions, there are two or three photographers who stand out. These are people who are dear and close to my heart and who thoughtfully capture the spirit of my shows through their perspectives. In this post I’ll share with you Reem Algharabali’s photos. For those of you who could not attend last night’s opening of Secretary, I hope this post gives you some insight.

Thank you, Reem. Not only for the pictures, but for being a familiar face in the crowd.

Tomorrow is the last day of Secretary. I do hope that those of you who are in Kuwait and haven’t yet seen the show come. I will be there from 10am to 4pm, and for those who come, I have a special pocket just for you.

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