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  1. A Berber woman I lived with for a while called her husband “my liver” . . . it was a term of huge significance and endearment. It impressed me then and impresses me now to think of it.

    I would dearly love for someone to make you feel as indispensable as their own liver.


    • You know as Kuwaitis we use the liver a lot to express our emotions! For example, you can tell someone ‘You, who are after my liver (not after as in you want my liver but you are a close second to my liver)’. That is a term of love and endearment. Or to express disgust: You turned my liver. My favorite is one to describe an obnoxious person: he/she bursts my liver!

      Livers, lovers, levers, leavers. That’s life.

      As for being indispensable, there are three people who find me as lovable as their liver. For now. And I’m thankful for them.

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