christmas comes early

lil' ol' me in my lil' ol' home in lil' ol' kuwait

lil’ ol’ me in my lil’ ol’ home in lil’ ol’ kuwait. it’s best to see it in context but if you don’t want to click on the link below, this is the photo

So I was reading the news on the BBC World website last night and as always I went to the photo section. Immediately my eyes caught the ‘Your Photos’ section. Then I saw ‘Your Pictures of 2013’ subtitled (because it matters to me) ‘A selection of the best readers’ photos’. Immediately my heart sank because I’m used to not being popular, viral or whatever it is that makes you king in this world. Against my better judgment I went to the section and just scrolled through the photos. Needless to say that when I spotted my photo there was a scream, an applause, an e-mail to a friend and three phone calls to three special children. It’s not every day, people! Not every day…

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