Ghadah said, “I just sketched three drawings about quotations marks.”



I hate quotation marks. For years at school I struggled with the usage of these minute yet highly specific squiggles Do they come after or before a comma? Do I capitalize the word following one, or not? Where and when do I use a period? These tiny, little marks are so specific and rule-heavy I think we should do away with them altogether. That’s quite a serious statement coming from a grammarazzo like me. But they are and always have been a thorn in my grammatical side.





6 Comments on “Ghadah said, “I just sketched three drawings about quotations marks.””

  1. Strange, isn’t it, how doubts arise when we are called to think about something we have been happily and automatically doing for years. My understanding is, all punctuation falls within quotation marks – full stops and commas – except for full stops, question and exclamation marks when dialogue is contained within a sentence. e.g. She pressed her cold hand to her brow and muttered, “trials and tribulations” . . . Did she say “it’s spankingly good”?

    Of course I’m probably completely wrong . . . I’m off to lie down after all that mental exertion.


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