a visit from a dear friend yields photographic fruit



A dear friend of mine visited me this weekend. David Dobson. David is a professional photographer and amateur side-splitter. The last time I had seen David was in the Cairo American College auditorium where I bid him a warm good-bye. I really liked David in high school. He not only made everyone laugh but you always left him feeling better about yourself. I’m happy to say he hasn’t lost his touch. I had a blast with him this weekend. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to post about David’s visit, so I decided to do it this way: day one artsy fartsy photo shoot, day one journal and other photos. Day two artsy fartsy photo shoot, day two journal and other photos. So four posts. I have to warn you though that you may find some of these shots repetitive. Out of thousands of photos, it was so hard to narrow it down to a manageable ‘few’. These shots were taken in Mutla up north.

For more of David’s work, please click here: daviddobsonphoto2.com

Click to play: Fireproof by The National 

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    • You should check out his REAL photos :). He’s got two websites daviddobsonphoto.com and daviddobsonphoto2.com (link above). Thank you!

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