Grow Up & Blow Away

I thought to myself this morning: Ghadah, you haven’t updated your blog for a while and you haven’t done anything new for days. Why don’t you just do the lazy thing and re-post something from the archives? So I’m re-posting this stop motion animation I did for the song ‘Grow Up and Blow Away’ by Metric. Doing this sort of thing reminds me of annoying flashback episodes. The funny thing is that this is now officially a re-re-post. I guess I’m just really proud of this video even though not everyone was pleased with it (see comments below ouch!). And I still love the song. Everything below is from the original re-post.

This was originally posted May 26th, 2010: I’m posting this again (and probably not for the last time) in case you missed it or…miss it. I just want more people to see it. I feel it’s a shame that I worked really hard on it and that it should get swept under the most recent posts pile. Sort of like taking a few hours to create a dish for someone who will eat it in five minutes. Well, I’m rife with gastricular analogies this morning.

10 Comments on “Grow Up & Blow Away”

  1. Hey Ghada,

    Amazing…one more piece that I fall in love with. I repeated it more than one time.

    any news about the flowers?

  2. Amazing…another beautiful piece to fall in love with…..any news about the flowers?

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