bursting faces

bursting face 01

I am feeling inconsolably sad. My moods are unmanageable, and I feel like I’m never going to get out of this depression. It’s so difficult when the ones closest to you, anyone of whom can possibly alleviate this pain, are thousands of miles away. Even my ‘art’ seems to elude me. I feel hopeless, useless and worthless. Even when I know I’m none of those. The best I can do now, short of lying in the middle of the road with the hope of being run over by a 4 x 4, is draw a picture. So I drew two.

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  1. Read about existential depression. It is your gifted mind that weaves the shrouds of sorrow. You can’t see the light right now. Is there perhaps a running track nearby? Can you try jogging or swimming? Sometimes losing yourself in exercise and filling your blood with endorphins is the only remedy. If you can get away, plan a trip that involves long walks in the mountains–maybe the Alps? Perhaps you’re giving too much and it’s time to ask others to help you.

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