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  1. I hesitate slightly but (very tentatively) I believe these works may be amongst your very best. If not the best I have seen. The sense of holding back (Swarm) is intense like the few silent seconds before a dam breaks . . . yet intimate too, the stare is challenging, defying. I’m embarrased to look at it.



    • The worst thing I can hear is that a certain work is my ‘best’, because I’ll be like: fuck. I may as well stop now. I’ll treat your comment as I would a stick of gum: chew it until the sweetness dies out and spit it into the bin.

      • …and that is precisely why I was hesitant.

        Don’t you dare stop. I said it’s good, possibly your best, but you can do better.

        I wanted to say the Swarm eyes penetrate inside you, reflects whatever it is that’s burning within. Let go. Let go some more. You are an artist, you have no choice but to strive for the unattainable.


    • Coloring outside the lines, or drawing against the natural flow of the contour is quite a challenge. But hugely facilitated by the fact that I’ve been using carbon paper which blinds me from the previous layers. Fun!

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