freudian slip } part five

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3 Comments on “freudian slip } part five”

  1. Beautiful, talented and revolting . . . my kinda gal!

    How do you produce your drawing so quickly, I have to think for hours. Hmmm I reckon I’m a dinosaur.

    I was thinking of visiting Kuwait on my way to Borneo next year any suggestions for places to visit?


    • Thanks, thanks and lots of thanks!

      Producing my drawing so quickly: I’m a stream-of-consciousness type of artist. Planning (to me, when art is concerned) is akin to death (without the melodrama).

      As for visiting Kuwait, I don’t see any value in that. Not trying to be mean, just truthful. You’re going to Borneo, for heaven’s sake!

      • I have to say you are probably right. Kuwait does appear to be quite barren but in a natural way unlike Dubai which is contrived to be soulless, disturbing and ugly. I do seem to be drawn to places with contentious history (e.g. Western Sahara). So, I shall take your advice and stop over in Vietnam instead which I absolutely love. You should go there actually – your dusky eyes shall devour green – it is stunning.

        Coffee time!


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