just not the same without my mac

On October 12th, a little over three weeks before my PGB3 exhibition, my computer fell into a coma. I died. And after that I took it to the Mac doctor who gave me a bleak prognosis: the logic board needs to be replaced, 3-4 weeks. I died again. But like a phoenix (and thanks to Instagram which provides a silver lining to every cloud), I rose from the silicon ashes (well, it did help that for a second I had my laptop, which also died on me, and consequently my sister’s laptop to see me through the next few weeks). As I said earlier, Instagram helped me through my temporary loss by allowing me to entertain myself with the series ‘justnotthesamewithoutmymac’. Here, I share my Mac-less moments with you.

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  1. Sorry you went through all that trouble ): Maybe you need to have two Macs one as a back up plan :) Ms.Ghadah do you draw pieces of Eve upon request ? like for example i need a piece of art where Eve is sitting under a certain setting lets say rain or something. or a piece of her in a certain activity like reading ? Or it must be based on what you imagine her to do ? :)

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