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Above is a series of photos sent to me by another pgb3 guest Ahmad Al Shammeri. His photos made me smile because a. I thought that I had seen every single angle the works could be photographed from and b. the series includes photos of people who are really dear to me (my brothers Mohammed and Ahmed, my sister-in-law Jana and son Yousef). Ahmad, I love that you took the additional time and effort to re-size these, title them with numbers and send them to me. Going above and beyond is what makes a person extra-special in my book. Thank you.

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  1. Hello Ghadah. I’ve been neglecting your amazing, inspiring world. So glad to be back. I don’t know where to start with this cornucopia.The red lantern, for example … brilliant! And the carpet of women and Baseball Girl, wonderful, delicious. Plus I admire your dress and polka dot scarf. Congratulations and thank you for delighting me. SGC x

    • Thank you, Ms. SGC. It was a culmination of a year’s work where I neglected myself! So don’t feel bad :).
      The scarf I bought that morning and found a dress in my sister’s closet that matched :)

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