polkadots revisited

I’m re-posting this to pump you up for next week’s show! I do hope you try to make it and enjoy yourself. As you may already know, my PGB exhibitions are about you having fun and being involved and camera ready! A reminder to put on your polkadots and charge your phones. I expect lots and lots of Instagrams to include in this year’s slideshow.


The worst thing I could have done to myself after a long week, day and night of exhibition preparation and time was looking at these photos in bed. Whatever exhaustion I felt flew right out of my laughing mouth as I LOLed myself to a state of wakefulness and excitement to get these on the post. But my reasoning got the best of me as I put my camera on the bedside table and forced myself to get to sleep. I’m so happy that people seemed to be enjoying themselves-and am a little disappointed with myself for not crashing a few of the photo sessions!). I hope I have all the names in the right places. I’m sure you’ll let me know if any are wrong!

I hope you enjoy this slideshow taken in the little room in the back, of last night’s visitors by their friends. Best taken with music.

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