a visit from faisal the f

faisal and the f (that’s f for favor)

I find superlatives pointless. They’re hyperbolic and highly arguable. But I’m going to say this with complete conviction: Faisal Al Fouzan, aka Faisal the F, is the best Instagrammer this country has to offer.  I am, mind you, prepared to be convinced otherwise. I just don’t see it happening.

This morning on a visit to my studio-he did me a favor, thank you, F!-Faisal took some photos which I’m sharing here. I would also like to share some of his Instagram shots with you.

one of the main reasons i love faisal’s instagrams is his interaction with his subjects. and he’ll go where not many others will venture to go: the slums of kuwait which house thousands of expats living in squalid conditions. it’s evident in the moments he captures that the men, women and children regard him not with trepidation but with curiosity, if not equality at certain times

showing off my never-ending tea project

a well-balanced combo of color and composition. and a door. part of his bab (door) series. one of the things i really get about faisal is his necessity for a good hashtag

i just realized. i know where this is. i’ve been meaning to stop by this little bit of istanbul in salmiya for a while now. i guess great instagrammatic minds think alike ;)


this makes me want to take a plunge in my parents’ pool

repetition does it for me every single time, every single time


cobalt, bronze and gold. symmetry is good too

the requisite foot photo

last minute chat, not long enough










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