thank you, ghada

ghada taking a photo of my painting, ‘eve takes a profile pic’

I want to thank Ghada Khalaf for two things: yesterday, she brought to my attention (via my ever-supportive sister-in-law J) this article* in the Arabic issue of Le Monde Diplomatique. Today, also via J, I received the above photo of Ghada photographing my painting at the Dasman Diabetes Institute. I love these little gestures. And although to whoever made them they may be a trifle, to me they mean the world.

*Another thank you goes out to Yahia Suwailim for the bit he wrote about me. I have known Mr. Suwailim for almost twenty years now, so I feel he knows me as an artist more than I can ever figure out for myself.

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    • These sorts of human connections are precious to someone who spends a big chunk of her day driving, making the wrong sorts of connections with people de-humanized by the cars they drive!

  1. Your blog is fascinating because you show the sketches and the work in progress, but it is a treat to see a large finished piece on display like this. Perfect in itself, and perfect in its place.

    • Thank you. You know, if it weren’t for these people sending me these pictures, I wouldn’t know where my girls were. I hope they realize how special they are for doing this.

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