tapestry } grandmother, daughter and child

I am so incredibly behind schedule. There is so much to do outside the actual artwork itself, it’s not even funny. I’m anxious, worried, nauseous…and I’ve just used ellipses. I know it will work in the end, but at the expense of my mental and physical health over the next few weeks.

she’s lost her cranium and her mind has decided to go out shopping for the day

her and me

when gaining perspective is a difficult thing to do

don’t cry, girly

the shroud of salwa






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  1. Lovely detailing on the dress. We’re in the midst of moving house and I feel much the same way: anxious, worried, overwhelmed. Sleep patterns disrupted. Soon, though, I will turn a corner and the end will be in sight. Same for you. I’m sure you will pull it off beautifully, as always.

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