an apology

because i work everyday from early morning to late at night, in between everything else i have to do, i have fallen by the wayside with you. and for that, i apologize

This is an apology to you, my PGB. I feel I have neglected you in the past few weeks. It’s just that I’ve been quite busy with something I feel is a little repetitive, and I don’t want to tire you. And here’s the proof.

number 22

see? here i am working on my third tapestry. so be patient with me

the one with the ball

and this morning a new one




4 Comments on “an apology”

    • Hello! I’m working on what I am regarding as outdoor artwork: tapestries you would hang outside your home (if you happen to have a nice garden and a tall house: they range from 6-8 meters long) when you have guests and the weather is nice enough to be outdoors. That’s just a practical use I have placed on these pieces, which will be exhibited in my upcoming show on November 5th.


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