new ink, used ideas

thank you, nazira hanna, for your gift. nazira is one of my favorite instagrammers. check out her pictures @ninky3

yum! i still have the plastic bag and crumpled up paper bag these bottles of ink came in. i love that ninky based part of this gift on a comment i left on one of her photos. the little brown ink bottle, here like a baby cradled in its three-segmented mom’s arms, was something i had asked my italy-bound instagram buddies to bring back for me since i so unceremoniously dropped my only sepia ink all over my desk a year ago. i just can’t thank her enough for the thought that went into this. especially that she wasn’t italy-bound

i’ve decided to be smart about this bottle and place it in this finjan (coffee cup) when using it. i’m a genius like that

brown. this ink is quite bizarre. it writes in gray which transforms into brown when it’s dry. a little disconcerting but beautiful nonetheless!

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