peace one day } global truce 2012 art exhibition

‘ahava’ by fessal rajab

Three weeks ago, I hadn’t heard of Peace One Day. Last night, I found myself on a rare Friday night out, with my dear friend Reem, at the Peace One Day Global Truce Art Exhibition at the CAP warehouse. When normally I’d be tucked in bed at that time, I was in the midst of Kuwait’s artists, musicians and art enthusiasts, taking in all that the night had to offer. Alas I missed the face-painting and Punch & Judy, but the works were still there and the music was still playing. Organized for the first time in Kuwait by The Art Salon, the franchise aims to raise awareness of peace in the region, to all age groups. And what better way to do it than through an art show and mini-concert. Worth a Friday night out.

my girl thuraya. i finally met my thuraya lynn. well, she’s not really mine but she’s one of those precious people i have tucked neatly in a small ikea box in my ikea chest of drawers. i finally got to meet her, having never even spoken on the phone before

mohammed almohanna’s work is quite fittingly exhibited alongside thuraya’s. r liked his piece the best but it was already sold

it very well may be. tareq al-sultan

the regal amani althuwaini and her work

i thought these were really pretty before i knew who painted them. when i read the name on the label i was delighted to discover that they are suhaila al-najdi’s works. funny because once i found out they were hers, i immediately observed that the shape of the trees was very much like the way she paints her women’s busts. the colors are distinctly hers too. i traveled with suhaila al-najdi, thuraya al-baqsami and amira behbehani to paris in 2006 to exhibit at the institut du monde arabe and we had a blast! i still have suhaila’s curlers which she lent me to get that ‘puffy’ hair look. i think if she weren’t an artist she would have definitely been a hair stylist.


one of four of farah behbehani’s letters spelling out ‘truce’. one of the main reasons i went last night was to view farah’s work. her piece became the emblem for kuwait’s installment of ‘peace one day’. i just wish it weren’t up on stage. but i can understand why the organizers would find it such a coveted position for what i believe is the strongest work there.

faisal alfouzan , aka faisalthef, as in: faisal the f, one of my favorite instagrammers. he’s also a bold photographer who goes where no kuwaiti has gone before: the pits of jleeb al-shuyoukh, the dregs of kuwait city and the run-down ‘bachelor pads’ of the bangladeshi men who are here to pick up the garbage after we chuck it out our car windows (a fresh story which i may or may not post about-i’m still shaken and stirred by it). thank you, faisal, for highlighting these heroes

reem outside the CAP warehouse

coo. good night, dove.

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