homes } the office of mohammed al-fraih

mohammed al-fraih and the girl who is forever about to vanquish the chicks: ‘a moment right before the third holocaust’, 2010

This morning, I received  via WhatsApp this photo of Mr. Mohammed Al-Fraih in his office. It took me a few seconds to understand why I got this picture and then I saw my painting. I hold a very special connection with people who acquire my work, and today, Mr. Fraih has moved into a little room inside my mind and heart. Thank you :).

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  1. How funny!! he’s my uncle.. I was so surprised to see him on your blog..

    now excuse me while i attempt to steal your painting from him haha

    • It’s actually quite bizarre to me because it came via WhatsApp by a number I didn’t recognize! So I don’t even know who sent it, it just came :). I can imagine your shock! Good luck with the theft ;)

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