meem’s t

coffee table meem. maha and the t-shirt

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from Kuwaiti fashion doyen (a more apt term would be ‘fashion scientist’) Maha Alessa. She wrote that she was in the mood to wear Eve. The sentiment was a little bizarre which was right up my alley as far as sentiments go. So I thought, let me not read too much into what the mood to wear Eve meant and simply draw Eve on a T-shirt.

this t-shirt and the response i’ve had over instagram after publishing m’s photos modeling it have inspired me to create a limited collection for my november exhibition

m’s beautiful smile complements eve’s gaze

m, e and me




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    • I’m painting them by hand although I am contemplating silk-screening for future projects. The last time I did screen-printing was in 1988! So I’d need to brush up.

    • Hello, Confassions :). I have halted work on the t-shirts to focus on the exhibition. I’m hoping the shirts will be ready for the exhibition which will be on the night of Monday, November 5th. Thank you!

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