packing for dar.nur } bye-bye, girls

bachir, the leader of the packers. he took very good care of the girls. thank you, bachir

My paintings were finally transported to dar.nur this morning. I have to say I was bubbling with energy, really happy they were going to a better place! Be good, girls. I’ll be visiting every now and then x

this photo was taken early this morning. my girls…

one last look while laying down on my couch. now all i’m left with is a mango-colored wall

yay they’re here! getting the paperwork out of the way

cheeky girl can’t keep her eyes off. behave!

bachir: you do fine arts?
me: yes. i did these
bachir: yes, but do you do fine arts?
me thinking *this is as fine as i can make them :(*

the storm before the calm. my place resembled a wrapping factory. the men were very efficient and took great care handling the ladies

for months i’d been looking for these canvas rolls. and for ages i’d forgotten about the tiles i’d hidden. tsk tsk

being swaddled

hi-ho hi-ho

au revoir, my little pumpkinheads

mango and the girl

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