newsprint pad } obsessing and compulsing on a saturday afternoon

when you get a strong, physical urge to write while completely relaxing your mind, you resort to being dictated to. in this instance by ‘the guardian’ newspaper. i just transfered part of an article using a blue bic pen onto this wonderful newsprint notepad. i regard it as another form of painting from life, but i’m drawing the words for what they are rather than writing them for what they mean. and a big part of the exercise is the fact that the pen writes so nicely on this paper, and the paper reacts so well to the ink, developing a noticeable crinkle by the end.

this tattoo shirt. you can see the indentations on the paper where i had written on the page before. so it’s no wonder i love to draw. it’s not the end, but the means to that end that i so enjoy

the resting horse. i wanted to draw an actual horse but that required research and i really didn’t want to be thinking on a saturday. and this turned out much better. i wish you could touch these ‘works’. everyone should experience crinkly paper at some point in their lives

i love my clipboards. i know i’ve said this a million times before but if my life had gone differently, i would have very happily been some sort of a¬†bureaucrat

or a secretary. sorry. an *administrative assistant*

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