in duplicate } the creation of unoriginal artwork #14, #15 & #17

#14 original. i find more and more that it’s about the copy and not the original. i get these great little surprises on the next page and that sets my heart aflutter

#14 duplicate. i had used a brand new piece of carbon paper here. the only ‘unknown’ was how the pencil and pen would transfer to the next page. on the next one, however, i used the same carbon paper to duplicate the original

#15 original

#15 duplicate. here you can see how the stripes from #14 transfered through to this page. check the details on the face and the collar area

#17 original. the face on the left is so annoying

#17 duplicate. although this was a straightforward transfered using a new sheet of black carbon paper, i had folded it so i got an image on both sides. i’ve done that a hundred times before but on this particular copy i like the way the right face on the right page is a little faded and ‘scratchy’

Let me know what you think

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