three drawings on a tuesday

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  1. Hello Dear. Whilst scanning over your notebooks and sketchbooks I was struck by the contradictions across your pen and ink works. The pages of your sketchbooks deliver lightness and space with barely a few lines, Yet your notebooks present a visual darkness. Do these books represent two sides of you, or are they merely different representations of the same side?

    • It’s funny you say that because I always compare my sketches to my paintings, not my notebooks. I’ve always seen myself as a ‘split-personality’ artist who either does large scale ‘maximalist’ paintings, or small, simple, clean-lined drawings. I guess one is my desire to occasionally explode on canvas, and the other is a gentle implosion. I never gave much thought to my third personality, the one where I’m caught in two worlds, one with a foot firmly on the ground and another where it is flying high overhead (trying to picture this is irrelevant but fun). My cluttered notebooks are filled with doodles, subconsciously peeping through as I take attentive notes at meetings or listen to a friend speak on the phone or am just daydreaming about something else completely.

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