in triplicate } the creation of unoriginal artwork #11 } shakespeare’s mother

the original using color and graphite pencil, eraser, copic marker, red ballpoint and black felt pen

in duplicate. i like the transfer of color. i should have expected this but didn’t

in triplicate, the girls and their ‘illusionary mustache’, as described by fellow instagrammer archdella

this is why it’s called ‘shakespeare’s mother’

i don’t like this effect AT ALL. but i wanted to erase certain sections off for the next step

this is it complete. and my feet. i don’t know, something about instagram makes people want to include their feet in the shot. actually i’ve had my feet in pics way before instagram. pish!

i’m really enjoying these

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    • I’m really enjoying the quality of the carbon on paper. I think the strength comes from my need to get the drawing through several sheets of paper. It really changes the way I draw. That’s what I love about using different media. They dictate how you create, and push you out of a rut, which I feel I’m in at the moment. Thank you for visiting :)

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