Sadu House } Laila Al-Hamad’s Zeri Crafts

these are a couple of zeri craft cushions in the more traditional sadu colors. it was so hard to pick just one piece as my favorite, even though there was a stand-out. i know that sounds contradictory but to get into it would be to delve into my complicated process of choosing favorites

I must admit that I am finding it difficult to get around to visiting galleries. But every now and then, I make the time, like I did this morning. I visited Laila Al-Hamad’s Zeri Crafts exhibition at the Sadu House. I went because Laila spoke to me about her idea  to contemporize the sadu (traditional Gulf woolen weaving) a year ago, which piqued my interest because it integrates my love for fine, handmade objects with my passion for cultural preservation. Plus I love the sadu. The exhibition was comprised of scarves and cushions handmade in Laos, a silver incense burner designed by Nedda El-Asmar and a short slide show demonstrating the process by which these lush fabrics are created.

i can just eat these colors. two scarves and laila

two zeri lanterns. zeri is the kuwaiti name for the golden thread woven through the traditional black thobes and abayas to give it more beauty

ok, so the cushion in the middle was my stand-out piece. this photo doesn’t give the blue the justice it deserves. and the reason i said earlier that it was hard to choose my favorite is because practically, the reds, blacks and earth colors are most suitable to my home, but my eye had to go and fall in love with the blue

the design of this burner was inspired by the latticework seen in many of kuwait’s older homes and buildings

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  1. Your beautiful eyes . . . for seeing, forsooth, the truth . . .


    PS I have to say Nedda El-Asmar’s incense burner is exquisite.

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