facial hair, dying plants & enya

This photo was taken by my sister, Yasmine.

5 Comments on “facial hair, dying plants & enya”

    • I used to love Clannad, but then when Enya branched out on her own it got a little too mainstream for me. But I’m so happy to hear her again at the salon because her music is very soothing and the last thing you want to hear while someone is ripping the hair from your face is a heavy metal guitar riff or drum solo :)!


  1. Ghadah, I’m feeling the same way about getting back to painting. My husband has had one health crisis after another and it is sucking up our whole life. My mind is going all the time with ideas for paintings,, but then my worries about the future fill my mind and push the paintings out.

    One of my favourite Enya songs is “Caribbean Blue”. “So the world/Goes round and round/With all you ever knew/They say the sky high above/Is Caribbean blue”.


    • Dear Mrs. Daffodil, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s health. When I find myself incapacitated to paint, I go small-scale. When I had my children I went on hiatus for years where painting was concerned. I always had my sketchbooks at hand though.
      I do hope things look brighter for you soon x


      • Small-scale is a very good suggestion. I’m going to hang on to that idea. I think things will look brighter in a little while. I just need to “keep the faith”.


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