money-box me, money-box you!

I have been volunteering with the Palestinian Cultural Center for over fifteen years now, and a few years ago, we launched an initiative to include children in our efforts to aid Palestinians inside Palestine. And what better way to get the kiddies involved than by having them collect their coins in these money-boxes decorated by the more artistically inclined volunteers! See, what you do is you purchase a box at one of our biannual exhibitions, take it home and drop your loose change in. Six months later, you bring the box into our exhibition and we count the money together. And that’s your contribution! It’s a fun idea which has been effective in involving non-volunteers to feel like they are making a difference. And believe me, the coins we have received over the last three or four years have made that difference, contributing to the provision of educational tools, everyday family welfare and basic survival needs.

boxes scattered waiting to be taken care of by me

this box is the first one i made this year. this is just the second exhibition that i have been involved with decorating the money-boxes

eleven down, twenty four to go. the exhibition opens monday so i had better get a move on!

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