mangaf between sun, sand and dust

back home. and a good thing too, what with the dust storm and all

I want to just add one more thing. The dinner: mediocre. The bill: sky-high. I honestly thought it was in another currency. It was the one time that I truly felt I was travelling. Let me just say that it nearly hit the three digit mark, for six people, one of which was charged half-price for being under twelve . I want to state, and for you to be my witnesses and remind me if I ever mention going again, that I was so disappointed with the hotel (stained, crooked lamps, dirty-looking floors, no towels, no shampoo, ripped carpet, linens, shoddy blinds, curtains). It just seemed to me that there was a disconnection between the main hotel and the chalets. I’m sure it’s difficult to maintain beachfront property, but come on! This is the Hilton. Well, where we stayed last night, that was not Hilton. It just wasn’t. Two big, fat pluses though: the bed was absolutely comfy and the towels were gigantic and fluffy.

very bizarre bungalow. this is what greeted us as we entered the chalet. not the kids, the kids are mine

more stairs lead up to a door to the outside

frigid water and scorching sand. love water, hate sand

towel mountain

one of the nicest features of the hotel is this moat

girl and the shrub

the weather was gorgeous yesterday. this morning, a very different story

seconds after this was taken, rug burns all around

'the giving tree'

boys and girls


back in the room

i found a shop which sells the ink i've been looking for! but it was closed

this morning 6 am. at first i thought it was an early morning mist

but a trip outside proved otherwise

a tiny mouse house. or so i like to think

circular trees

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