today i drew a picture

sunday's picture, 2012, copic markers and sharpies on canvas, 35 x 45cm

I don’t know what it is about Sundays but that’s when I usually get the urge to experiment and goof off. But I think my strongest works stem from experimentation and a sense of play. And this was a lot of fun. Especially with Instagram in my life.

it all begins with an idea gone awry. i tried transferring my drawings via carbon paper onto the treated canvas but that was a bit of a failure

it sort of worked in the beginning, but weakened progressively

i love carbon paper. it's beautiful in its own right

especially after use

i had no idea what i was doing. it's not a pleasant place to be

i liked this face but it wasn't in the style i wanted. it was too serious for my playful mood

orange, blue and a hand

things get a little messy

additional faces. the exercise was to relax and stop caring about composition, color and aesthetic sense

i put my markers through hell on this one. that's ok, i'm sure they understand

more and more faces. i'm obsessed

it's almost finished

a little fun with black and white

it's done. and now i have yet one more of my paintings/drawings hanging around the house. the situation is explosive

the important thing is that i had fun and my sister yasmine has eight more ladies to keep her company at night

disaster made beautiful by the removal of color and sound

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