a bit of american idolatry

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  1. I agree with most of what you’ve said. I really like Elise and Josh. I know what you mean about Hollie’s style of music, but I like her personality and she can really sing. DeAndre just makes me groan, and Heejun doesn’t have enough talent to have taken him this far in the competition. I liked Erika and I like Colton, Philip and Skylar. The show is way better now with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler than it was with Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

    The thing I like about American Idol is the way these young people are mentored and coached to bring out the best they can do (although I was glad to see that some of the contestants refused to be re-styled). Some of them progress a lot and it’s heartwarming to see, especially when you think about how much shooting and car racing there is on tv.

    Project Runway is interesting because of the creative aspects of the competition. It’s amazing what they can come up with in a short amount of time. Sometimes there is a Project Runway Canada–also very creative. One year they got to design their own fabric on a tablet computer and the fabric was printed overnight so they could make clothing from it the next day. I was quite envious of this.

    These are the only reality shows I watch, and I’m not ashamed at all.

    • I find they require a huge commitment! And as much as I disliked JLo in the past, after watching American Idol, I’ve really warmed up to her and her goosies!

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