a mother’s day gift

ladies, 2012, collage and acrylic on canvas, 130cm x 200cm

Ten days ago, I was asked to do a very special piece for five special women who wanted to gift a painting to their mama for Mother’s Day (March 21st). I met with two of the sisters who gave me a lowdown of what their mother is like and what she likes. She likes gathering her family around her. She likes being independent. And she likes technology. And Apple. And iPads. I wanted to personalize the painting further with an incarnation of Eve for each of the women who are closest to the mother: that’s the mother herself, her five daughters, and the two grand-daughters on either side of the painting. I haven’t titled this work. I felt it would have been too presumptuous to give it a title, that maybe it should be named by the woman it was gifted to.

always a mess in the beginning

my feet and scraps. because i've become terribly addicted to sharing every second of every aspect of my life, and because i didn't want to give away too much, i started instagramming photos like this

they have faces now

and ipads too

mom's ipad being charged

the prodigal daughter

i asked the ladies to pick their eves in the same manner as they would if they were picking a room in a new house. this little girl is one of my favorites. i'd pick her

oh, the painting looked great at mine. like here over my couch...

...or perhaps here, with my bike

and here's mom. she has no choice about that

7 Comments on “a mother’s day gift”

  1. I am the mom. I love it ! Thank you so much for the beautiful work. I think I am going to call it “Ladies”. What do u think?

  2. Thank you, Peach and Solidgold! Peach, the charging detail came at the end. I wanted something to indicate that these were iPads and not just black folders or books (a friend of mine said that without the charger they could have been misconstrued as Bibles. And he went on to explain the whole symbolism behind that!).

  3. I think that signifies that the mother shoud be always charged with love , patience, health etc…

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