al-arabi exhibition ‘arab culture in the diaspora’

mom and her four daughters, 2012, will be one of four paintings i exhibit in monday's show

I am very pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting four of my paintings at the Al-Arabi Magazine’s upcoming exhibition Arab Culture in the Diaspora. It honors me to know that my works will be hanging among some of the region’s best: Ali Taleb, Fatima El Hajj, Ahmad Al-Hajari, Jaafar Islah, Sabeeha Bishara, Diaa Al Azzawi, Helmi Al Tuni, Afifa Al Aiby and Malika Akzanai.

The exhibition will take place at the Funoon Gallery in Thahiat Abdullah Al-Salem, opening Monday, March 12 at 7pm. The show will be up until Wednesday, March 14.

*Correction! Exhibition opens at 4:30! A very unusual time.

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