Homes | Sharon & Shakir Abal

i haven’t been to sharon and shakir’s home so this gives me a good perspective on where the paintings are hung. their home gives my paintings a new life

I have been waiting so long for these and boy has the wait been worth it! I am so honored that my paintings hold such coveted spots in the sun-kissed home of Sharon and Shakir Abal. Thank you, Sharon and Shakir for sharing these wonderful photos with me and my friends.

‘aunties’ ghosts’ hangs on a warm, fire-engine red wall. i love that

on the left hand wall, one of two flanking the main lounge, is another of my earlier paintings. it’s lovely not only to see these paintings again, but to discover where they hang and be very, very pleased about it

there she is again, residing in a mysterious corner

‘a girl and her slingshot’, from 2004’s ‘cultural expressions 101’ exhibition with my brother tareq. i find it so appropriate that many of my paintings end up in the dining area, because i love to eat

a close up. what interests me isn’t just where a painting of mine is hanging but the objects it shares the space with. my girls are very lucky indeed!

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