in duplicate } the creation of unoriginal artwork #4

i sketched this while a bbc radio 4 podcast was playing in the background. i kept picking up on a panel discussion of tennyson's poem 'in memoriam' and it sort of infiltrated itself into my drawing. i tried so hard with this one not to include any faces but that exercise proved futile. i can't not draw faces.

i think i like the duplicate more. i love the unintentional quality of the lines, transfered via an over-used piece of carbon paper. and something about this sketch in particular cements my desire to want to start permanent drawings on skin

i took some instagram photos of my sketch which i'd like to include here. yes, i know, i've finally succumbed to instagram. and yes, it is so, as a dear friend puts it, 'mainstream'. but i also feel that because it is so easy to get a good photo, instagram shots should be SPECTACULAR. so i want to work on getting spectacular shots. and i hope one day i do

only one problem with taking a picture with your phone, and that's the awkwardness of holding the phone and trying to press the 'shoot' button with your fingernail. it's hard work


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