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  1. I’m not familiar with the situation in Kuwait. Published PR suggests the country enjoys the patronage of a benign dictator, the Royals. I try to understand the truth and whilst I recognise the politics I don’t understand why some (obviously powerful) people are controlling the elections. What is there to gain? Is the country all that corrupt? Why is the only political voice so deeply male? If the Royals hold the final vote, what are they afraid of?

    I’m sorry, I can see you’re fragile, but I’ll send this anyway for you to look at and respond when and if you want to.


    • When it comes to our elections, I think they are pretty fair and transparent. It’s the results which have had me a little upset (35 or so seats out of 50 went to the opposition, who are the extreme Islamists and have already started pushing for a change in our Constitution, in particular Article 2 which states that Islam is a main source of legislation. These men want to change it so that Islam is THE source of legislation. As to our Royals, the Sabah family, although they do enjoy many privileges reserved just for them, they don’t get anything like ‘the final vote’.
      I’m really worried about the demography of this country where the conservatives (who in my opinion are majorly lacking of culture and education-not to mention their medieval views on women’s positions in society) are not only breeding like bunnies, but are practicing polygamists. And are very organized and have entrenched themselves in all sections of society without affecting any sort of advancement whether in education (heavily infiltrating religion into the school curriculum), environment (forget that, they have no idea!) and so many other sectors. Meanwhile, people like us are busy with our own petty problems, living on little islands we have created for ourselves, reading books and drawing pictures.

      • It’s such a shame the words “Religious” and “Extremist” cast such fear. Together, the sum of these words is loathsome. Separately, something to be praised.

        As for “love” and “hate”, over the years I have learned to thrust to one side the moderate take on these emotions. I have learned that it’s not OK to “love” a god so much a person must kill. Equally it is OK to “hate” the actions of the person who does. Hate is as valid a sensual emotion as love in fact I will go so far as to suggest the one cannot exist without the other and, more, for a successful human species both must thrive.

        Kuwait, slap in the middle of the cauldron, and its expedient for the US to be friendly. Rather the US than Saudi right, but I’m not sure how that squares with their support for Zionists in Israel, but I can guess. From what you say it seems the conservatives with their stealthy stranglehold on the key social building blocks only serves the creation of a divided nation. As with our own ludicrous sham of a democracy here in the UK I am forever utterly amazed these people don’t get what the real world is. I go to many, many civic events and every time I half expect one of these conservative zealous bigots to drop the mask and shout “only kidding!”. Polygamy, ha!


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