two faces created on a very difficult day four years ago

this is how they're hanging at my friend's. i wonder why one is above the other

I’ve been meaning to photograph these two small canvases which hang at a friend of mine’s place for ages now. I finally did yesterday. These two drawings were created at a very difficult time when I felt that the only power I had left in this world was to draw a picture. I was very frightened, guilty, sad and desperately wishing to disappear. And I was physically in the worst place I could be at that moment, with the least supportive people. I’m so relieved those days are over. And I’m so glad that it’s my friend who has these pictures on their wall and not me. They are a painful reminder of an awful day.

the one on top. oil pastels and water on canvas.

the one on the bottom. charcoal and water on canvas. both are about 21cm x 28cm

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