There are quite a few present-day smells that comfort me, but some of my favorite scents are the ones that take me back to my childhood; like the one I miss at this very moment: the smell of a wading pool. I mean, plastic is plastic, but a water-filled wading pool has a very distinctive smell that somehow summarizes my early childhood summers. What’s your favorite scent-centric memory?

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    • I’m not sure I equate wet towels with lovely smells :)! But I get what you’re saying. Perhaps a towel which has soaked both ocean spray and sun!

  1. mmm, linen reminds me of when me and my younger brother would make a fort out of our bunk bed.
    we used to pretend we were little native americans, trying to get away from john smith. hee.

    • You just reminded me of a smell that has remained a constant since the beginning of time: restaurant tablecloth and napkins. Until this day I get excited when a restaurant has cloth napkins because, among other pleasures they give, they smell wonderful and always the same. Takes me back.

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