thursday begins after this


Two years ago.

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    • Thank you, Swedish Maggie :). It is fun writing and drawing in these books. But the best is when they are complete and I flip through them. It feels like such an achievement! This is my third year writing on and off in my journal.

  1. Have you ever read “The New Diary” by pristine Rainer. I think you should like it, it is about really creative writing in your diary, using different techniques such as Time traveling, the letter you never send and so on. With some psychology about things as what happens when you write with the wrong hand and so on… Inner dialogue.. and on and on…
    I recommend it!

    • I haven’t read it. I don’t normally like ‘techniques’. I like my work to be, as much as possible, purely derived from inside myself. One of the things I enjoy about my journals is the lack of structure. And as introspective as they are, I want to feel outside myself when I write in them. It’s also important for me to exercise an un-policed stream of relaxed thought, which might be restrictive when I work best chaotically. It’s like reading ‘What to Expect the First Year’ (for all non-moms out there, it’s the spin-off of ‘What to Expect When Expecting’) when all you really have to do is be with your baby and learn from him!

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