the brand new & improved testament | happy new, but happy different?

I’ve been dying to use the new notebooks I ordered from Hope House Press. And I found just the utensil to write with as well: a fountain pen I bought from Florence a few years ago. Perfect.

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  1. I love it. That makes me want an artsy sketchbook. I can’t be trusted with really nice ones, because if they look too nice I feel like all my art in them needs to look nice and then I never use them.

  2. Aaaaah…..Florence! Will be in Venezia in two days…but it’s not Firenze.
    I love fountain pens…especially in blue ink.
    Yesterday I was with my family and started amusing myself sketching…and then I thought that compulsive sketching could be a form of autism…what do you think of that?

    • I think it *could* be an indication of it. There has been quite some discussion on the link between some highly regarded, and notably prolific, artists and autism. The single word ‘autism’ covers a vast range of degrees of the condition. It is clearly not always a debilitating condition, and often produces people who society freely and openly regard as being ‘gifted’ without recognising possible autistic traits. Perhaps none of this matters, at least not to the artist. I believe the last person to understand how an artist’s mind works should be the artist himself!

    • Not a form, but possibly a characteristic? I had to sleep on this because I don’t take something like autism very lightly. It’s one of those terms that are controversial and a trait I don’t understand but have always been intrigued/intimidated by. The fact that doing something compulsively could indicate just that. And I think we have a long way to go before fully understanding what the label ‘autistic’ means. It’s certainly a compulsion. A happy one though!

    • I don’t know my dear. I would like to hear from others more knowledgeable than myself. I’m afraid I only know when it’s gin o’clock these days. But I’m quite compulsive about that.

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