my favorite eleven of this year

It’s the end of the year and I’m jumping on the top ten bandwagon with my list of top eleven favorite posts. These are the ones I tried to keep on the front page as long as possible, posts I was always reluctant to add a new post after. You’ll find that I’m cheating on some, selecting a whole category, but never mind. Happy new year everyone!

1 } Chair Trilogy. Thanks to my friend H’s assortment of chairs (and her generosity), I was inspired to create these four pieces. Oh, and I clearly have a huge disregard for quantification.

2 } PrettyGreenBullet | TheSecondExhibition Photos | Mohammed Alkandari. These are photos taken by my brother at my exhibition last December, held at Dar Al-Funoon Gallery. I cherish both the day and the photos.

3 } Polka-Madness on a Chilly December 5th Night. This was just fun. At least for me.  Looking at the photos in bed after my PrettyGreenBullet show, I just laughed out loud. People can be so special.

4 } Book One | Body Parts. I wanted to include this on the list because it is important to me. I’ve been wanting to do these books for the past ten years I think. I’m so looking forward to the next one!

5 } Hour Drawing/Ramadan Drawing. I got so much gratification from these. For days I’d inhabit these worlds. A great escape an hour a day.

6 } PrettyGreenBullet Reader Interview | Bazaar Magazine. This was a fun interview because I had asked my PGB friends to ask me the questions. Thanks, guys!

7 } Crash. As horrendous as a car crash can be, there is some sad beauty in it. And a big fat lesson to be learned.

8 } Water, Wine & Women. My sister is game for anything. Thanks to my mom’s red sheets, my sister’s intrepid dip into the pool and Photoshop, I ended up with these shots.

9 } My New Love. Entertaining myself with my new A3 scanner. The possibilities are infinite.

10 } August Drawing. I love it when everyone decides to play! It really is rewarding and I would have been happy if this thing spilled into September, October, November…

11 } Stories of Eves Exhibition Photos | Mohammed Alkandari. What can I say, I love my brother’s take on my events. Having him there, among other dear ones, warms my heart. And seeing his photos afterwards just helps to preserve the moment. I really like his pictures.

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