making faces on a tuesday morning

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I’ve always been interested in sculpture, but  it is just so difficult! Which doesn’t prevent me from playing. So I made these two lovely heads this  morning.

5 Comments on “making faces on a tuesday morning”

  1. I sooo wish I could play with you this morning…you make it look easy considering you find it difficult! Happy new year beauty x

  2. Oooh. This isn’t what I was expecting when I opened the post. I thought it would simply be more of your gurning. Wow. These look GREAT. Good photos too. Hope you washed your hands before preparing the children’s lunch. Or at least before removing the lids from the Pot Noodles.

    • Ms. Cooper, will you never cease to doubt my talents both in the studio and kitchen? Too many double negatives there, I’ve lost myself…

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