today, i'm glad there's just one of me

When I was younger (a lot younger, but old enough to know better), I secretly wished that I had not only one long lost twin sister, but two, making me a third of a triplet my parents couldn’t handle when my mom gave birth to me thirteen (see? old enough!) years before in New Delhi. New Delhi (where I was actually born) was important to my secret fantasy because there, my parents found the perfect opportunity to sell off the other two. Or they were baby-snatched. Or something. You can tell I watched my share of Bollywood movies where twins are separated at birth by an evil uncle, ultimately finding each other by sheer coincidence thirty years later because of matching tattoos. I believed so hard in this impossible dream. And I prayed for it too. Just two twin sisters, God. Just two. Today, I pray my daughter doesn’t turn out like her mother at thirteen.

So have you ever have a secret wish?

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