a visit to deema al-ghunaim’s studio

this is the cavernous arabana hall. i can just see this place bursting with artistic life and vision within the next year

Last night I paid a visit to my friend architect/photographer/designer (I can go on) Deema Al-Ghunaim’s studio space she’s rented at the Arabana warehouse in Shuwaikh. The space is still in its embryonic stages but to know this little gem exists amid the hustle and bustle of industrial Shuwaikh is soothing to the heart and mind. I’m very excited to share these photos with you. Thanks, Deema, for the invitation!

this is the view from one of the spaces allotted to prospective designers/artists/photographers. it looks over the entrance hallway. see that blue area? that's the entrance, where you're certain to leave shuwaikh outside

the hatch leading to/out of the aforementioned space. scary

but not for deema who traverses it with little effort and much grace. i'm next

from the hallway you enter this lovely courtyard. let me take you through the open door. inside, i think is the foyer which leads to the all-purpose hall

ah, the dotty room deema told me about at my dotty exhibition. how pretty is this!

more dots! this is the wall facing the courtyard

a locked door to the space occupied by designer dalal alhashash

on the other side of the courtyard there's this peephole into a air-conditioning workshop. it's quite bizarre and exciting at the same time. kind of like a mechanical version of 'the secret garden'

the all-purpose room where chairs sit obediently

i wish you could have seen these chairs in real life. they looked so animated, a show in their own right

after the tour i am finally in deema's little studio: an office area attached to a work/darkroom. and this is deema mightily bright in red

these look like remnants from deema's safat exhibition. i love the way the cement block/rag combination on the left echoes that of the latice work in the photos. accidental or on-purpose? possibly sub-conscious

deema's chooleh (stove in kuwaiti) and red light

deema's plans for her next project. notice the make-shift seating area which she crafted for spontaneous guests

on deema's desk: a rock, some postcards, a mechanical cleaning machine and a picture by me

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  1. Ghadah! What you said is like poetry, I am so glad that you came, and your visit still lingers ^_^

    I went in an e-mailophobia last week that made me late on such a wonderful post, thank you ;*

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